How to make a funny page without being funny

When RAW contacted us they had one thing on their mind and that was to make a new webpage where they could communicate with their members and inform of upcoming events and have a clear and easy way for the users to purchase tickets.

“We want a page that has a professional approach and still show off a lot of the feeling we have on our stand-up events”

With this in mind we created and got a page that reached it’s goals in just a couple of weeks. And this was just the beginning of our digital journey together.

To set the mood

To really understand the clients need you have to start at the basics. And we believe the best way to do this is to create a basic mood board to get a first glimpse into the expectations the client have and the feelings they want to communicate. We call this the soul of the project.

RAW comedy club - moodboard

UX & Information strategy

To start off we need to drill down to the core of what the client wanted and what the real goal is. To achieve this we ran a series of workshops with the client to try and weed our what the core objectives was and try to achieve as close as possible without loosing focus and good usability. We came down with an information strategy and wireframes to back up the base functionality.

RAW comedy club - mindmap